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Listening and Sharing Sessions are bringing you discussions about different topics that are arriving from new ideas and are crucial for wellbeing of children and youth living with developmental conditions.

A global sharing of knowledge and experience around the theme of “Build Back Better” Fifteen countries across six continents share their experience and expertise with each other.

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Build Back Better: Insights, Innovations and Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic brought various challenges for the daily living of children and young people with disabilities and their families, as well as for the provision of services in the paediatric habilitation field. There were positive and negative aspects to the new situations we found ourselves in. Many lessons were learned from this period, some of the positives reported, by those who normally saw children in clinics, included being able see, during online sessions, children and families in their own homes and context, seeing directly the unique characteristics of the child’s environment. The opportunity exists to take the positives from these new ways of working and incorporate them in our service delivery going forwards. Services globally are starting to do this. These Listening and Sharing sessions give the opportunity for clinicians to share their experience of rebuilding services. If we all learn from each other we truly can Build Back Better!

Peter Rosenbaum, Arnab Seal, Jenny Carroll and Eugene Rameckers are discussing this issue in the video below.

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