Welcome to Listening and Sharing Sessions 2023

Listening and Sharing Sessions are bringing you discussions about different topics that are arriving from new ideas and are crucial for wellbeing of children and youth living with developmental conditions.

Welcome to the 2023 24 hours of Listening and Sharing hosted by the Global Professional Education Committee of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability.

What adults with disabilities tell us about their childhood?

This year our theme is: What adults with disabilities tell us about their childhood? We are excited to invite you all to join our global discussion on the 1st of December and look forward to hearing from adults with diverse disabilities from all nations.

In this introductory video, Gaela Kilgour, a physiotherapist and researcher from New Zealand hosts some friends to tell you more about what to expect in the sessions, why this topic is important and to share some thoughts of what may be of interest across community, health, education and disability sectors. Gaela is joined by Amy Hogan, a writer, researcher, and advocate for people with disabilities. Amy is an adult with cerebral palsy who works for the CP Society of New Zealand. Woroud Alzaher works with the CP Register of New Zealand and is also researching in the area of adults with disability. We are joined by Merryn Robertson, a physiotherapist, who works in a specialist school with children with disabilities.

Please share our video widely and let us know if you would like to host a session or be part of a session. Email Gaela Kilgour craigaela@gmail.com We will post the global timetable closer to the date.

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