COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE  for Advocates of Developmental Disabilities Services

“When one teaches, two learn”

-Robert A. Heinlein


The Community of Practice (CoP) is a space created for people to share their experiences about the implementation of services for children with developmental disabilities with others – a mutual learning and self-help group, with the perspectives of seasoned clinicians, managers and others who have had these kinds of challenges and have ideas and experiences to share.


Two groups are being set up and you are welcome to join which ever group fits best with your life and time zone

Group A:

  • Launching date: Tuesday 26th July
    • Sessions will then be held bimonthly (July, September, November) on the last Tuesday of the month.

Group B:

  • Launching date: Tuesday 23rd August or Monday 22nd depending on your time zone)
    • Sessions will then be held bimonthly (August, October, December) on the last Tuesday of the month


Sessions will be held via Zoom. Link is posted above.

For more information write to:

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Listening and Sharing Sessions are about different topics that are arriving from new ideas and are crucial for wellbeing of children and youth living with developmental conditions.

IAACD has created a COVID-19 Task Force with the main goal of learning and understanding the impact of COVID-19 on children and families living with developmental conditions.

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