Our Mission is to Promote evidence based Teaching and Training for you.

IAACD's Vision

A world where all those with child onset disability and their families attain optimal health and wellbeing and live in inclusive societies which allow them to reach their full potential for independence, societal participation and happiness.

IAACD's Mission

To support and enhance local multidisciplinary professional and community capacity and expertise through an international collaboration between academies. Collectively we will leverage our resources, knowledge and networks to achieve the vision.

Guiding Principles

Strategic Pillars

The IAACD identified eight strategic pillars which represent the focus of our goals. Six pillars are externally facing, and two are internal.

The Strategic Plan

Guided by the vision, mission and strategic plan, each of the Committees of the IAACD have developed 3-year objectives, activities and deliverables. A copy of the 2023 – 2026 Strategic Plan can be downloaded. Click here to learn more about the structure of the IAACD. Including information on standing committees and their roles.

2023-2026 Strategic plan