Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

How can I become a member of IAACD?

Membership in IAACD is not for individuals, but is restricted to Academies that meet membership criteria. By being a member one of the Alliance Academies the IAACD becomes accessible to you, and you can then engage in and support the work of IAACD.

I want to be involved in one of the committees of the Academy. How do I do this?

Individual academies recommend their members for participation on committees. You should contact your academy and indicate your interest in participating. Committee membership will turn over on a regular basis and the IAACD will be looking for dedicated committee members.

Can I belong to more than one Academy and is there benefit in terms of reduced registration fees in other Academies if my Academy is part of IAACD?

Yes, you can belong to more than one Academy and membership is governed by the individual academies. At this time, we are reviewing the “mutual benefit” opportunities that come with IAACD membership. More information is to come!

What is AMAC?

AMAC stands for the Academy Membership Advisory Committee which is comprised of representatives of full member academies of the IAACD. The role of the AMAC is to support membership applications and member reporting. Further details can be found here.

Can individuals join the IAACD?

No. The IAACD is an alliance of academies that share a common vision for international best practice in child-onset disability.

What is Provisional Membership?

Provisional membership is offered to Academies who have formally applied to join the IAACD and whose application is assessed by the AMAC as containing most of the relevant documentation to demonstrate capacity to meet the Standards for Membership. Provisional Membership is for 12 months. During this 12 month period, Provisional Academies are asked to contribute to IAACD Committees as non-voting participants. More information on membership categories can be found here.

What is Potential Membership?

Potential Members are Academies or Societies that are formative, or do not meet the Membership Standards and are unlikely to do so within 12 months because formative work is still ongoing. These Academies or Societies may seek support for their ongoing development as an academy from the IAACD and Member Academies by becoming a Potential Member. More information on membership categories can be found here.

What is an IAACD-AMAC liaison person?

The Academy Membership Application Committee may appoint a liaison person to an Academy that is applying to become a Member. These individuals are usually, but not always, members of the AMAC. The role of the liaison person is to assist the prospective academy to understand the Standards of IAACD membership and to prepare an application, if such support is needed or desired. The liaison person may also assist the Provisional Academy to understand the opportunities and responsibilities associated with membership, including the role of representatives on IAACD Committees and working groups. The liaison person may begin supporting a prospective academy prior to them initiating a formal application, or they may be appointed by the AMAC when an application has been received.

A prospective academy may request support with regard to an application for membership by writing to the Chair of the AMAC at

Who can act as a liaison to a new applicant Academy?

A member of the AMAC, or a representative from an academy that is a full Member of the IAACD as determined by the AMAC or Steering Group of the IAACD.


We are encourage you to help us grow.

Can I donate funds to the IAACD to support the work of IAACD?

For sure. We are a registered NGO within the US and welcome financial contributions to advance the work of the IAACD. At this time, donations can be made through your own Academy to be designated to IAACD.


We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

I want to volunteer my services to work in resource-limited settings. Does IAACD support connecting me with those sites that may be a priority for the IAACD?

The IAACD plans to have an online “opportunities” section that will match interests of Academy members to perceived needs. This work is in progress. At this time, we do not have funding available for these initiatives, but over time we hope to have grant funding that would support capacity development.  We will send notices out and post on the website.