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The Global Professional Education Committee (GPEC) was formed in 2015 to help deliver some of the IAACD aims

The Knowledge Hub is where the GPEC (see here) shares its ideas, work and resources.

We live in an ever-shrinking world. The information technology revolution has enabled everyone – health professionals and the public alike – to access information and technology at a finger’s click. These advances have made it possible for us to dream of a world where children with disabilities, their families and the professionals working with them have access to the right information, knowledge and training at the right time – anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Our Mission within IAACD is:

Work together, learn together, share together

and help one another with knowledge and resources

The GPEC began by finding out what support IAACD colleagues from across the world wanted and who would like to help us in our work. We received over 1000 responses from across the globe and are building on this and creating a global community of mutual support.

The Vision

  • A permissive environment of equal global partners.
  • Reaching everyone who is interested to be involved.
  • Everyone interested to have a say.
  • A needs-based approach, locally driven rather than prescribed from the top.

The Philosophy

  • Evidence-informed practice – using the best available evidence to guide decision-making at both the individual and local levels, relevant to the context of the child and family
  • Use of ICF concepts: focus on child and family functioning, grounded in the WHO’s biopsychosocial framework
  • Promoting and practicing a family-centred services and shared-care model
  • Taking a life-course approach that considers the long-term impacts of all interventions across the lifespan
  • Moving beyond a ‘fixing’ model of therapy to focus on promoting functioning, to enable people to have a ‘can do’ approach to achieve what they want to do, however they do that
  • Promote trans-disciplinary non-hierarchical care models
  • Endeavour to speak the same language wherever in the world we are!
Jenny Carroll

Jenny Carroll GPEC Chair

In here you can search through many new publications, visit our Listening and Sharing section, learn about COVID-19 impact on our COVID-19 Task Force hub, and submit your material.

Here are resources you may find helpful. These have been shared by our community for the benefit of everyone. They have been reviewed and collated for you by our collating team.

Listening and Sharing Sessions are about different topics that are arriving from new ideas and are crucial for wellbeing of children and youth living with developmental conditions.

IAACD has created a COVID-19 Task Force with the main goal of learning and understanding the impact of COVID-19 on children and families living with developmental conditions.

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