COVID-19 Remote Support Resources

Here you can find resources that facilitate delivering remote support during COVID-19 lockdown and reopening phase. Remote support can be tele-consultation, tele-assessment, tele-intervention, etc.

Filming baby’s general movements at home, A guide for families

This guide will help you film your baby at home under the best possible conditions so that a health professional can assess your baby’s movements.

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The human rights of children with disabilities and impact on neurodevelopment during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this webinar MD Veronica Schiariti from the University of Victoria, Canada, shares materials promoting the rights of children with disabilities during the covid-19 pandemic. The content includes the rights of access remote support and equility during the covid-19 crisis. Some of these materials were recently presented at a short AACPDM e-course.

Author: MD Veronica Schiariti

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Disability considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this podcast Dr Veronica Schiariti from UVIC, Canada, describes key points of the World Health Organization’s document dedicated to disability considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak. A special section has been added to include children and youth with disabilities and their families.

Author: MD Veronica Schiariti

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Attending your child’s video appointment

Attending your child’s video appointment. A tele-health guide for families.

Author: Centre of Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine & The University of Melbourne

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Photo Template

Template developed for healthcare workers asking them to take photo with PPE for children with autism.

Author: As I Am – Ireland’s National Autism Charity & Advocacy Organization

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Covid-19 and early intervention: Understanding the impact, preparing for recovery

This report highlights the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown on local services for children and families, based on the experiences of service leaders and head teachers, and explores their responses to both the immediate challenges and the major challenges on the horizon, as the country moves towards recovery.

Author: Hannah Wilson, Stephanie Waddell, Early Intervention Foundation

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An Occupational Therapy Guide I July 2020

A family resource booklet on navigating everyday life situations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author: Lorrae Mynard

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Socio-sexual Education (in Polish)

The video shows a short and remote version of the Sociosexual Education classes for people with intellectual disabilities. In the material, the therapist recalls the correct names for female and male intimate body parts, discusses some difficult situations in the area of sexuality, i.e. who can and who cannot touch our intimate body parts. And gives tips on what to do in a situation when someone crosses the limits of our physicality and whom ask for help when you feel something is wrong.

Author: Marta Jurczyk PhD, University of Gdansk, Poland

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Promoting and supporting children’s health and healthcare during COVID-19 – International Paediatric Association Position Statement

This paper provides recommendations from the International Pediatric Association for children’s health and healthcare during COVID-19. The IPA highlights the health needs of children and outlines priorities for preserving newborn, child and adolescent health during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, where social distancing and lockdowns threaten access to routine care and preventive services.

Author: International Pediatric Association

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Lifting and holding the baby

Instructional video with tips for parents on how to take a good care of a baby, lifting and holding a baby.

Authors: Sylwia Romaniak , Aleksandra Edel- Barna; Early Intervention Centre, Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability, Gdansk, Poland

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FLARE’s Top Tips For Professionals

Top tips for professionals who are communicating online with children and young people.

Authors: Councli for Disabled Children, FLARE – young people’s advisory group

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The Rapid Response Repository

A comprehensive resource for health professionals seeking information to suport practice related to COVID-19 and its impact.

Authors: Rapidinfo4U

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Reducing parental conflict in the context of Covid-19: Adapting to virtual and digital provision of support

The report focuses on how Covid-19 and the lockdown have impacted on issues relating to parental conflict, and how those seeking to reduce parental conflict can adapt to the current situation using virtual and digital methods.

Authors: Dr Virginia Ghiara, Dr Inês Pote, Miriam Sorgenfrei, Max Stanford

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Enable Ireland Therapy Videos

Enable Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading disability service providers. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and recurring lockdowns, therapists and clinical staff from Enable Ireland’s Children’s Services created therapy and educational videos in an effort to bridge the gap between remote therapy and home practice. A National Video Library was created and resources have been shared via YouTube with children, families and the public.  The videos cover a variety of topics from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, psychology and speech and language therapy. Videos have been categorized into playlists  so they can be easily found on Youtube.

Authors: Enable Ireland

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